27 Oct

Today is supposedly Teasing Thursday.

But i’ve got nothing to tease, how lah?

I kid! Im about to upload few new range for Addara – do check our Facebook page for our latest updates. I am sorry for neglecting this blog. My personal blog is neglected too. I am very lazy to write as of late. I have a newfound respect for working mothers.  Juggling family and work, both cant be easy! So here is a standing ovation from me!

Addara is doing alhamdulillah well. 1527 fans now! I love my customers, really. Found some nice ones. I exchanged texts with one talking about wedding rings! Hehe we don’t know each other that well pun but i am so thankful for having such wonderful customers. But nothing is all butterflies and rainbows. Met some fussy ones too. And last month, i found myself in a screaming fest with one (the screaming mostly came from her, yep!).  She tried to embarrass me by writing on my page. I managed to delete it, but the damage was done. I had to explain and defend myself. I am a human too, like her. But looking back, what i can say now is, think before you write. Don’t make a fool out of yourself thinking that you’re always right. Don’t be blinded by your ego and never treat people as if they’re trash.

Like a friend told me, customer isn’t always right. That is true. But if you’re wrong, be polite and apologize. It doesn’t kill to do so.

That said, i am very grateful to have my regulars, friends and others supporting my behind. Don’t know what i would do without you people. I have crossed path with a lot of new people by doing this business; a tv host, a wife of a celebrity, a famous fashion blogger and few other bloggers. Who would’ve thought the business i started 6-7 months ago could turn into this wonderful opportunity of getting to know new people?

Alhamdulillah, i am blessed.



3 Oct

Support Breast Cancer Awareness this October by purchasing anything at Addara. 10% from the payment of each purchase will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

Upload a photo of you in a pink Addara kaftan on Pink Ribbon Day and get 10% off voucher for your next purchase! Email me your photo at theaddara@gmail.com with the subject – “I Support Breast Cancer Awareness”.

5 May

Salam darlings! How was your long weekend? I bet it was good. And uh, happy belated labour day to everyone! Im late i know, sorry! Let me tell you this, juggling few blogs and a few Facebook accounts aint easy!

I have a sad news to tell. I am no longer affliated with Love, Raina but the brand is and will always be near to my heart. Love, Raina will be managed solely by the founder, Mia Farris. Insyaallah i know she’ll do great. Shes got vision and passion, two big things that will keep her going.

Note to self: Too much of cream eyeshadow on the lower part of the eyes area, isnt a good thing. But oh well …

This is a photo of us taken at the 7th anniversary of GLAM magazine at The Gardens Mall. We were excited to meet with other designers there. We saw Syomir Izwa, Izrin from INNAI, Nurita Harith, the twins; Azalea and Yasmin from PU3, Alia Alizar of Yadotsa, Jezmine Zaidan and any many many more.

I love their style. Everyone was all glammed up and super stylish!  I feel so ‘little’ in my blazer and harem pants because everyone was so colorful! Especially the supermodel Tengku Azura and Tiz Zaqyah.

I love bright colors, which reminds me … that’s my first exclusive shawl collection for Addara. Wait for it next week ladies!

23 Apr

Hi people!

Im sorry for not writing in days. I’ve been caught up in work and im in the midst of doing a first small project for Addara and i am real excited. Hope everything goes smoothly, insyaallah.

I have uploaded few new kaftans so do check-out our Facebook page for latest updates and whatnot. The kaftans are in the affordable range. The normal range is below RM200 and good news is, all the price quoted is inclusive of shipping via Pos Laju or Pos Express of your choice.

Before i started Addara, i had an online boutique with a partner – Aleena Hijabs. But most of our customers that didnt know us thought Aleena is our real name. Its quite funny. The reason i chose Aleena is because of the meaning that lies behind it. The Arabic meaning of Aleena is ‘Silk of heaven‘. Hence, the name Aleena Hijabs. Such pretty meaning dont you think so? Hijabs equals to ‘silk of heaven‘. The meaning suits the beauty and purpose of a hijab.

So when i was in the process of starting up Addara, i went looking for beautiful names with beautiful meanings and i found Addara.

Let me share with all of you the few meanings of the name …

In Arabic – chaste one; decent, modest

In Welsh – catches birds

In Irish – from the ford of the oak tree

In Hebrew – fire

In Greek – a beautiful virgin

I love the meanings in Arabic and Greek, it suits the image that i would like the brand to carry.

Thats all i have to share with you lovely people for now. Insyaallah will write more soon. Dont forget to check this space and our Facebook page from time to time because i’ll be bringing Addara-Luxe out for Eid Mubarak. Think soft flowy chiffon material and gorgeous heavy beadings! Soon …

16 Apr

Addara in Facebook is only 5 days old and im so happy that its gaining more and more followers everyday, alhamdulillah. I truly hope everyone is happy with what Addara has to offer. And i have great news for you customers out there, Bahiya kaftan is now back in stock! There’s green, baby blue, dark blue and hot pink for you to choose from. A lot customers are asking me to restock the ones in red and purple, insyaallah soon and i’ll definitely let everyone know if the two colors are back in stock.

Im in the process of making pretty colorful blouses for Addara. So please check this space or Addara in Facebook from time to time on our latest updates. Addara is also doing a pre-order session for Artizara’s beautiful dresses and accessories! For those who doesnt have a clue on who/what … Artizara is the brainchild of Sarah Ansari and it was founded post 9/11. Like Addara, Artizara is also a modest clothing line designed to provide great value for your money.

People like Sarah Ansari, Hana Tajima of Maysaa inspires me a lot to push myself more in certain things and most importantly to push Addara to be known,  so that people out there know that there are unlimited choices of clothes out there to pair with your hijab, so dont worry about not having suitable clothes to wear that covers your *aurah.

So ladies, let us be modest and stylish at the same time. If you feel like you have nothing to wear, you know where to find us.

*Aurah – private parts and other parts of the body to be clothed as required by Islam.

10 Apr

Bahiya kaftans are all sold out, alhamdulillah. And only two days time, phewwwww!

Thank you for your support my dearest customers! I’ll be sending my small token of appreciation to the first 15 person (who ‘liked’ Addara‘s page on Facebook) insyaallah in two weeks time. Its still in the making, will ship it out once its ready.

Im looking forward to it! I cant wait. Keep on supporting Addara ladies. Jazakallah!

9 Apr

After weeks of planning, now is the right time to announce that i’ll be coming out with a modest clothing line for Muslim women.

Introducing …

I started to wear hijab 2 years ago but i am still having difficulties in finding the right clothes to wear with hijab. Hijab wearer knows that not all clothes can be worn with hijab. Some are inappropriate – body hugging, too short, shows off the cleavage and such. That is why i decided to come up with my own line.

With Addara insyaallah you wont be facing with difficulties anymore.

For the first collection, i’ll be bringing in maxi dresses in summer colors, chiffon blouses, harem pants – that is the rage now and colorful silk pashmina that is comfortable to wear in our hot country (Malaysia). And i’ve also brought in few tunics and kaftans in Spring/Summer colors that is perfect for every occasion. I promise you the kaftans are truly pretty. Please ‘Like’ the page Addara in Facebook to check-out the tunics and kaftans.

And soon insyaallah i’ll be bringing in bags and accessories too.

Keep on checking out this space for Addara’s news on sales, updates and events.  And always remember, you can always look fashionable but modest at the same time.